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CheeYuen has established itself as an industry leader by providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective plating solutions. Our extensive experience has allowed us to create innovative solutions that help add value to their products. Our capability to provide efficient and accurate assembly, kitting and packaging services sets us apart from other electroplating companies.

Post Processing and Assembly Workshop

Masking process for auto bezel

Masking Process for Auto Bezel

Buffing for auto lever

Buffing for Auto Lever

Pad printing for Grohe bathroom  components

PAD Printing for Grohe Bathroom Components

Engraving process

Engraving Process

Knob assembly

Knob Assembly

Blue film assembly

Blue Film Assembly

Assembly operation

Assembly Operation

Auto knob package

Auto Knob Package

What Are Assembly, Kitting and Packaging Services?

These solutions are especially beneficial when an electroplating company can perform them because it saves time and money while reducing material waste and promoting sustainability. While electroplating is vital for ensuring a high-quality part, kitting, assembly and packaging are often equally important for bringing the products to market.

The core components of these value-added services are:


Assembly is the process of combining one or more components to make a final product. Some assembly processes involve specialized equipment or assembly lines to maximize accuracy and efficiency. Complex items often require detailed assembly instructions for optimal quality assurance.


Kitting involves gathering, organizing and packaging different parts into kits. In manufacturing, the term typically refers to gathering all the components a worker needs to perform a product's final assembly. In order fulfillment, kitting is pairing several items together to create one product that ships as a single unit.


Effective packaging is crucial to electroplating because it protects items during transport and storage, ensuring each piece remains free from scratches, nicks or other physical damage. Examples of packaging components used for electroplated products include corrugated cartons, dividers and inserts, desiccants and other cushioning materials like foam and bubble wrap. Another vital element of third-party packaging is labeling, which ensures each product is visible and easily identifiable.

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Our expertise in electroplating enables us to create customized finishes that meet each client's unique needs. Additionally, our ability to provide value-added services like assembly, kitting and packaging ensures that customers receive a complete solution across each stage of order fulfillment.

CheeYuen can help manufacturers streamline their manufacturing process and reduce production time by offering these value-added services. By outsourcing these tasks to us, companies can focus more on their core competencies while we handle all the fulfillment processes. We have the personnel, equipment, expertise and resources to provide these services efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring that end users receive the highest-quality products.

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