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Colorful PBT PVD for Whirlpool oven/Stove Knobs/Cooktop Burner Control Knob

Short Description:

● Designed with luxury,stylish,atmospheric and brushing stainless appearance.

● Stove Knobs compatible with Gas Range Stove/Oven.

● Customizable decorative knob bezel part for Whirlpool Eaf.

● High-quality, high resistance to corrosion,safe,reliable,strong durability and cost-effectiveness.

Product Detail

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Product Specification

Project name Knob Bezel
Component name Colorful PBT PVD for Whirlpool oven/stove knob/bezel
Product no. 5U31、3U27、5U31
Part dimension Φ51.56*32.31mm
Substrate ‎Polybutylene Terephtalate (PBT)
Special features ‎Sturdy, Durable
Process Injection Molding+ PVD +pad printing +assembly
OEM color code Brown, Silver, Grey  
Plating test standard W-ENG-1000/GES0062/GES0084 etc
Application scene Hotel, Commercial, Household
OEM Whirlpool,USA


▶ Oven knob is made of high quality PBT.

▶ High-resistance PBT with the advantage of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and strong reinforcement. So that it can be installed more secure, durable sturdy and prolong the lifetime.

▶ Save a lot of money for customers. You can own such great replacement knobs at half the cost of original OEM ones.


Why Choose Us?

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