Satin Chrome Finish

About the Satin Chrome

It refers to a process of electroplating the surface of plastic products with pearl chromium plating. This process is often used to improve the appearance quality and protect the performance of product.

Satin Chromium Plating Process over Plastic

It is a process that deposits a layer of satin nickel on the surface of plastic product by the electrochemical method.

This usually consists of steps such as surface pretreatment, pre-plating treatment, electroplating and post-treatment.

First,the plastic surface is cleaned and activated through chemical to form a uniform coating on the plastic.

Then,apply a layer of conductive coating on the surface,and then immerse the product in a plating solution tank containing metal ions.

Under the action of current, the metal ions are reduced and deposited on the plastic surface to form a metal coating.

Finally, post-processing processes such as polishing, cleaning, drying, etc. are performed to obtain the desire surface gloss and texture.

Application Domain for Plastic Matt Chromium Plating Parts

1)Automotive interior parts such as gear accessories, door panel trims, door handle,dashboard ring,air vent,etc.

2)Home appliance parts such as stove knob, washing machine knob,etc.

In general,satin chromium plating for automotive & appliance plastics is mainly used to decorate and improve the appearance and texture,corrosion resistance and durability of plastic products.

Here are some satin chromed parts that we are processing for customers

Currently,we have been supplying pearl chromium plastic auto parts for well-known car manufactures like Fiat & Chrysler,Mahindra,

So,if you have any questions about satin chrome process, please feel free to reach out to us. We are the very electroplating experts that you're looking for.

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People Also Asked:

Satin Chrome Vs Brushed Nickel

Choosing chrome versus brushed nickel for the look alone is entirely up to personal preference. If you're going for a shiny, super-clean look, chrome is the clear winner. If you don't want that super shine, you may prefer brushed nickel, which is a softer-looking metal that complements stainless steel appliances.

Polished Chrome Vs Satin Chrome

Satin chrome has a subtle, muted lustre that doesn't reflect light like the dazzling polished chrome finishes. Instead, satin chrome acts almost like a matte finish with a slightly darker complexion and very light, textured brushing.

What Is Satin Chrome

Satin chrome is created from a base metal of solid brass with a quality chrome plating applied to its surface. Satin chrome offers an understated alternative to polished chrome. Its blue traces and less reflective appearance make this finish popular with those who wish to select a matt finish.

Difference Between Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel

Satin Nickel is a grey colour with a golden tint, Satin Stainless Steel also has a very slight golden tint making it a very close match. Satin Chrome and Matt Chrome are more of a grey colour with a blue tint to them.Please click for related articles

Is Satin Chrome like Brushed Chrome

Satin chrome and brushed chrome are generally very similar, but brushed chrome always has the finish of brush lines across the product. Some satin chrome products have more of a matt appearance, but without the brush marks. Brushed chrome should look like a chrome finish, which has been brushed.

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