Black Chrome Plating

About Black Chrome Plating over Plastic

Black Chrome (Chromium) Plating is a decorative and durable black finish that offers, conductivity, corrosion resistant, and ultra-violet light resistance.

Newer black chrome plating processes have been developed from a trivalent chrome process. The black color is achieved by alloying other metals with the chromium deposit.

The newer black chrome process plate a smoother, more reflective, dark chrome finish that does not require a post dip for corrosion protection. This metal or plastic plating process provides better coverage of the entire part.

The main advantages of the newer black chrome plating processes are that they do not need to be waxed or oiled to improve the final metal finish.

Dark Chrome Electroplating on ABS/PC can be plated over bright nickel, satin nickel, or dull nickel. Each of these plating combinations will develop a different appearance from a bright shiny black to a dull matte black finish.

The automotive specification calling out Dusk Chrome is a combination of a satin nickel coating and a black chrome finish.

The black finish can appear anywhere from dull to bright depending on surface preparation.

Application Field

1)Exterior trim parts:

Automobile exterior trim parts such as door handles, rearview mirror housings, front grilles, etc. usually need to have good display performance and durability. Through trivalent chromium plating, a thin film with metallic luster and corrosion resistance can be formed on the plastic surface to improve the texture and durability of exterior parts.

2)Interior parts:

Automotive interior parts such as instrument panels, central control panels, door panel trims, etc. also require good appearance and wear resistance. Trivalent chromium plating can form a delicate and smooth metallic texture on the surface of interior parts, improving the quality and luxury of the overall interior.

3)Chassis and mechanical components:

Automobile chassis and mechanical components such as sensors, switches, connectors, etc. usually require good corrosion resistance and conductive properties. Trivalent chromium plating can form a metallic protective layer on the plastic surface to improve the durability and stability of the chassis and mechanical components.

Our Edge

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Currently, we have been supplying various dark or black chromimum plating components to different car manufacturers such as Mahindra,Infiniti,Volvo,volkswagen and others.

Here are representative auto part that we are now producing for overseas customers.

Black Chrome Plating over Plastic
Black Chrome Plating

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