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Lab for Your High Standards

CheeYuen's lab contains various testing machines to assure plated item's quality. Our lab is equipped with a Gravelometer, a thermal cycle test machine, a plating thickness test machine, corrosion test equipment (CASS), peel equipment for adhesion test, sulfate test for its corrosion resistance, cross hatch test to make sure there's no blisters on the cross hatched part, etc.

Testing room

Testing Room

Chemicals analysis operation

Chemicals Analysis Operation

Testing Equipment

CMM measuring

Cmm Measuring

CMM 2 sets

CMM (2 Sets)

CASS Salt Spray Tester

Cass Salt Spray Tester

CMM operation

CMM Operation

Cold and Heat Shock Integration Machine

Cold and Heat Shock Integration Machine



Electrolvsis thickness Potential difference tester

Electrolvsis Thickness Potential Difference Tester

Glossiness tester

Glossiness Tester

High Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine

High Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine



Mesurement operation

Mesurement Operation

Metallographic test

Metallographic test

Micropore number tester

Micropore Number Tester

OpticalMeasuring Machine 2 sets

OpticalMeasuring Machine (2 sets)

Roughness tester

Roughness Tester

Sulfur dioxide testing machine

Sulfur Dioxide Testing Machine

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