Mold manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing Services

We are providing Custom Precision Mold Manufacturing Services. we make tooling according your demand of tooling specification (as what mold standard using? what size machine to adapt your machine? what material and shrinkage using? what is the injection cycle time? mold life requirement? regarding these issues you can be following our tooling specification sheet to be knew if you don’t understand about that). Normally, the manufacturing period from to 15 days to 60 days which it depend on the part size, mold structure complex or not, accuracy and mold life. We can make all the injection molds that involving automobiles, home appliances, and bathrooms.

Mold Design

Mold Design

Being a manufacturer in the plastic injection mold industry, we understand that a quality component begins with a good mold and a good part design. A thorough mold design is essential for producing a high-perfomrance mold.

Mold development

Mold Manufacturing Center

We emphasize on customer satisfaction and product quality, so our key succes factor of mold making is the quality. We focus on both advanced technology and professional people for our team to quarantee that our product exceed our customer expectations.

Type of Molds

Whether you need a new mold designed and machined from aluminum, stainless steel, or tool steel, or repairs for an existing mold, CheeYuen can provide you with the expertise and craftsmanship to deliver quality molds and mold services. For more information on our custom injection mold tool making services, see the table below or contact us directly.

Mold for Auto Components

Mold for Auto Components

Mold for home appliance product

Mold for home appliance product

Automotive Components

Electroplating door handles
Auto door handle with bright chrome
Auto gear with Satin shade
Molded buttons with tricolor-1

Home Appliance & Bathroom

Knob outer with variants
Knurled Ring with brigt chrome
Plating coffee cover on ABS P2MC
Home Appliance & Bathroom

2K Injection Molding

2K Injection Molding

Two-shot molded part

Molded buttons with tricolor-1

Three-shot part

Why Choose Us?

A Global Leader in Plastic Chrome Plating Companies


With over 33 years of experience in the mold manufacturing

plating process

We have a complete production process

production process

We produce and provide OEM and REM customers

international standards

Product quality complies with international standards

Molding Equipment List

1 CNC Machining Center GF12 12 JANPEN MAKINO
2 Electric Discharge Machine 35P 15 CHARMILLES
4 Medium Speed Cutting Machine DK7750 8 SANGUAN
5 Milling Machine 4S 18 JIECHONGDA
6 Grinding Machine HF-618S 13 WANGPAN
7 Drilling Machine TRE-1700D 6 JANPEN
8 FIT Tooling Machine LS-120-1310 1 HONGKONG
9 Roll Over Machine MF-5 1 HONGKONG
10 Lathe C6240A 1 NANFANG

Injection Mold Tool Making Capabilities

General Production Capabilities

In-House Full Service Capability

Existing Tooling Transfers

Off-Shore Mold Building Alliances

Mold Management/Mold Maintenance

Mold Repair

Mold and product Design

Engineering Support

Tool History Documentation

Molding problem Solutions

Moldflow Analysis

Tooling or Mold Offered

Soft Tooling

Hard Tooling

Tolerance limit Control (+/-)

Grade A2

±. .0005 in. Within Cavity Shape

Grade A1

±. .005 mm. Within Cavity Shape

Precision Machining

Custom Torelance

Mchining Capabilities

CNC 3D Machining

Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM)



Design Capabilities

CAD Modeling (2-D, 3-D)

3D Mold Design

Moldflow Analysis

Design for Manufacturable

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