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Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a popular option that provides a permanent and legible marking on an object through etching, ablation, or deep laser engraving. It is similar to laser marking, but the resulting appearance differs due to the depth of laser penetration. Laser engraving vaporizes a small amount of material with pulses of high heat light, quickly creating a cavity that provides texture with a sharp and contrasting appearance.

What Benefits Does Laser Engraving Offer?

Speedy production process

Laser Engraving impresses with a very swift process. Since every laser pulse on the material vaporizes, it does not take long to achieve the desired and finished result. The fast process makes it particularly convenient for rapid manufacturing and when the time of production matters.

Wide range of materials

Another benefit of using Laser engraving is the many different materials that can be engraved. Lending flexibility to the customer, who can choose from various wood options like MDF, POM or Cardboard, plastic or metal. These different materials allow for freedom of choice and design.


Especially when it comes to small objects like rings or necklaces, laser engraving has high precision, it can engrave complex images into these small objects.

Reliable process

The whole Laser engraving process is very reliable. In comparison to traditional methods, it very rarely results in damaged goods.

Is Laser Etching Permanent?

Yes, laser etching is permanent. A laser etched mark will remain readable for the part’s useful life with better readability than other direct part marking technologies. In fact, laser etching can withstand non-abrasive treatments including e-coating, powder coating and heat treating.

Are you looking for high-precision laser engraving services?

At our China facility, we have an assortment of laser engraving machines capable of operating on a wide range of materials, including fragile surfaces. Request a quote for more information about our laser engraving services.

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