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ABS Bright Chrome Plated Handle Trim for Whirlpool Washing machine

Short Description:

● Designed with luxury, elegant and attractive appearance.

● Made of material ABS CHIMEI PA-727 with shelly chrome finish.

● Customizable decorative handle Trim part for Whirlpool washer.

● High quality,high resistance to corrosion, strong durability and cost-effectiveness.

Product Detail

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Product Specification

Project name Handle Trim
Part name ABS Bright Chrome Plated Handle Trim for Whirlpool Dryer
Part number 5T62
Part dimension 549.7*43*21.82mm
Substrate ABS CHIMEI PA-727
Process Injection Molding+ Masking+ Plating (Bright Chrome)
OEM color code Silver
Plating test standard W-ENG-1000/GES0062/GES0084
Application scene Whirlpool Washer handle trim decorative part
OEM Whirlpool, USA

Key Features

Component design: Elegant and attractive appearance, strong corrosion resisting, long-lasting durability, and reliable performance.

Part resin: Handle trim is made by high-quality material, which enjoys high strength, high toughness, heat resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics.

Processing: Being one-stop solution provider, we now possess modern workshop with top-notch injection molding, fully-automatic electroplating lines, and secondary post processing machines such as printing, laser engraving machine and ultrasonic welding machines, etc.

Quality assurance: With many years’ development, we have established a complete quality control standard and professional quality talents. Every delivered product has to go through full inspection and screenings to avoid any defects, flashes, pitting, bubbles, cracks, scratches and other issues.

Punctual delivery

Thanks to our flexible production plan, we’re always able to send out deliveries on schedule based on customer deliver schedule.


In addition to above features, we can also offer customers with tailor-made production service.

According to product requirement, we’re able to think up a proper design to fulfill your demand.

Above trim component is used in washing machine of Whirlpool brand and it is very popular in USA market.

If you have similar part requirement, we’re convinced that CheeYuen is the very plastic plating expert that you’re looking for. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. 


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