What is the Bright Nickel Electroplating

It is a type of nickel plating that is popular and widely used for decorative applications as well as engineering applications. From home appliance accessories & bathroom taps to hand tools or bolts, bright nickel coating has great resistance to corrosion and can be applied quickly.


Bright nickel plating and coating produce a fully bright, highly leveled, ductile nickel deposit that can be applied to plastic and non-ferrous metals.

To start, the base material is subjected to a negative charge in order to transfer the nickel correctly, which is attached to a power supply through a conductive wire. Now this is attached, the positive side of the power source is connected to a rod made of nickel.

The base material and electroplating metal is placed in a chemical solution of water and nickel chloride salt. The electric current makes the nickel chloride salt detach from the negative chloride ions and positive nickel cat-ions. The negative charge from the base material attracts the positive nickel ions and the negative chloride ions are attracted to the positive charge.

Lastly, this combination spurs the oxidation of the nickel in the rod so it dissolves into the solution, and the oxidized nickel is attracted to the base material, coating it.

It has an appearance like that of stainless steel. Bright nickel finish can be used on steel or plastic for a bright, clean finish, and is commonly used in industries as nickel-plated brass or plastic.


It is utilized for mostly enlivening and designing applications. Rather than electroless nickel plating and dull nickel plating, brilliant nickel plating offers a mirror like covering because of the great measure of sulfur and isn’t as flexible or erosion safe.

Bright nickel plating is also used for automotive reasons. Bumpers, rims, exhaust pipes and trims for bikes, cars and motorcycles are submitted to the bright nickel plating process to improve their appearance, corrosion protection and wear resistance. This is where they get their high lustre finish.

Bright nickel electroplating is one of three forms of nickel plating, otherwise known as bright nickel electroplating. It is used for mainly decorative and engineering applications as well.

In contrast to electroless nickel plating and dull nickel plating, bright nickel plating offers a mirror like coating due to the high amount of sulfur, and is not as ductile or corrosion resistant. The mirror-like coating is ideal for hiding polishing lines and any surface imperfections of the material.

Bright nickel can be utilized for enlivening purposes, consumption security, or modern parts. It is known for its high gloss, which is made by adding transporters and brighteners to an electrolyte nickel arrangement. Like other electroplating processes, bright nickel plating is performed by applying an electrical flow to parts lowered in the shower. It is frequently utilized for parts like electrical connectors and contacts, vehicle parts, light apparatuses, or machines.

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