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PC/ABS Satin Chrome Plated BMW X3 Operating Element Rocker CAP Position

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We are immensely concentrated towards providing ABS Plastic Chrome Plating Service. Electroplating on ABS plastic components adds value & functionality to many products and components. Contact the plastic plating experts at CheeYuen today for …

● Made of premium quality PC ALCOM 740-4 GY1156-04LD ABS Novodur P2MC with Matt satin chrome plated.

● Designed with luxury, stylish and colorful appearance.

● Customizable Operating button decorative part for BMW X3.

● High resistance to corrosion, solid performance, long-lasting durable, and cost-effectiveness.

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Product Specification

Project name Operating Element Rocker CAP Position
Part name PC/ABS Pearl Chrome Plated BMW X3 Operating Element Rocker CAP Position
Part number 2W90/1W90
Part dimension 18.29*18.29*11.39mm
Resin PC ALCOM 740-4 GY1156-04LD ABS Novodur P2MC
Process Injection Molding+ Satin chrome
OEM color code Pearl Chrome S-9985
Plating test standard ASTM_B764_2004BMW-TP-303.4

GS 97017

GS 97038

GS 97060

Application scene Automotive, BMW X3 Operating button decorative component

Key Features

▶ Charming appearance: With elegant surface, exquisite workmanship, perfect decoration, and exquisite appearance of cars after installing.

▶ Customizable design:  Chromed plating console gear shift side button are not only compatible with BWM X3, but suitable for other models of car through tailor-made solutions.



The Following Are Our Advantages

One-stop service

With more than 30 years of experience in the Automotive Industry, we can provide customers with a wide range of services, covering mold fabrication, molding injection, electroplating, PVD, painting, post processing and assembly, etc. In this way, customers will feel at ease, pace of mind, more importantly, save much penny in a way. 

ABS Satin Chrome Plated BMW X3 Operating Element Rocker CAP Position 3

A leading technical team

As per the color consistence requirement for 5 buttons mounted on console, our team can ensure that we have a high yield rate and all assembled products achieve consistent colors. Frankly speaking, it is very difficult for other plating manufactures to fulfil such requirement, but we made it finally. We have been earning an excellent reputation from end customers.

Enterprise certifications:

★  IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System.

★  ISO 9001 Quality management system.

★   ISO 14001 Environmental management system.

★  Other local environmental certifications.

ABS Satin Chrome Plated BMW X3 Operating Element Rocker CAP Position 2

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