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PC/ABS Bright Chrome Plated Ford Door Right&Left lock Bezel Ring Part

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We offer plating onto ABS-PC plastics as a service, so you can plate your plastic parts to meet your requirements and specifications. No matter your application, you can partner with CheeYuen to achieve cost-effective, high-quality outcomes for your plastic plating.

● Designed with luxury,stylish,atmospheric,fashionable and Delicate appearance.

● Made of material PC LEXAN 121R &PC/ABS CYCOLOY MC1300 with shelly chrome finish.

● Customizable decorative left&right bezel Ring part for Ford Door.

● High resistance to corrosion, strong durability and easy to install.

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Product Specification

Project name BEZEL RING
Part name PC/ABS Bright Chrome Plated Ford Door Right&Left Bezel Ring Parts  
Part number 5T45&5T46
Part dimension 42.41*18.61mm
Process Injection Molding+ Shelly Chrome
OEM color code Silver,SM300H
Plating test standard RSMS-WSS-M99P9999-A1,WSB-M4D813-D1,WSK-M4D761-A&WSB-M4D813-B
Application scene Automotive ,Ford Door Lock Switch Bezel
Car Manufacture Ford ,USA


▶ Part construction: Elegant and attractive appearance, strong corrosion resisting, long-lasting durability, and reliable performance.

▶ Product material: we use PC LEXAN 121R and PC/ABS CYCOLOY MC1300 materials to make this bezel ring. Materials boast high strength, high toughness, heat resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics, which are widely used in automotive exterior products.

▶ Process: Equipped with 250T HAITIAN molding machine of 2 shot, advanced full-automatic electroplating line & top-level automatic potentiometric titration tester from Swiss, coupled with rich-experienced technical team.

▶ Product quality: we are very strict in controlling the quality of our products. Each delivered parts must undergo multiple inspections and screenings by multiple people to ensure that there are no defects, cracks, bubbles, flashes, scratched or other problems onto the surface of components. Furthermore, we have been certified by IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and D-U-N-S to prove our complete management system and standards.

ABS Bright Chrome Plated Ford Door Right&Left lock Bezel Ring Part4

The Following Are Our Advantages

In addition to the above features, we’re able to provide the following services to customers:

Customizable Solution

As per customer’s part structure, our team can work with you to design or devise a better part style to fulfill your demand.

ABS Bright Chrome Plated Ford Door Right&Left lock Bezel Ring Part1

Bespoke Packaging

We can also offer professional and safe packaging proposal for product according to customers’ requirement to ensure that the product will not be damaged or contaminated during transportation.

Fast Delivery

We fully understand the importance of punctuality, so our PMC has elastic production planning, sufficient safety inventory, and flexible logistics methods, which can arrange reasonable and timely delivery plans according to customer order quantity and delivery schedule.

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