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PC/ABS Bright Chrome Plated Whirlpool Oven Marked Knob Assembly Part

Short Description:

More than 33 years of experience in plastic chrome plating technology ,CheeYuen. Professional plastic chrome plating services including bright, satin.

ABS has excellent impact, high mechanical character and fine surface quality, which makes it great for use in industrial products, including car accessories, and home appliances.

● Designed with luxury, stylish, atmospheric, and brushing stainless appearance.

● Made of material PC/ABS BAYBLEND 2953 with shelly Chrome finish.

● Customizable decorative Marked Knob Assembly part for Whirlpool Oven.

High resistance to corrosion, reliable performance, strong durability and cost-effective.

Product Detail

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Product Specification

Project name KNOB ASSEMBLY
Component name PC/ABS Bright Chrome Plated Whirlpool Oven Marked Knob Assembly
Product number 5T09
Product size Φ46.6*38.05mm
Substrate PC/ABS BAYBLEND 2953
Process Injection Molding +Bright chrome +Brushing +Assembly +Rolling printing
Customer part code Silver
Plating test standard W-ENG-1000/GES0062/GES0084
Application scene Household ,Whirlpool Oven Knob switch decorative part
Knob manufacture Whirlpool, USA

Key Features

▶ Component with luxury stainless steel surface, long-lasting durable, reliable performance, strong corrosion resisting, easy installment, and economical in price.

▶ For the present, we have been supplying assorted bezels, knobs, switches for well-known OEMs such as Whirlpool, Mabe, Wolf, General Electric, etc.

▶ Our products have been successfully applied to multiple application fields such home, commercial, hotel, and have been highly praised and trusted by customers.



Our Advantages

Superior Quality

Strict quality control processes ensure that each part meets exceptional quality standards, enduring the test of time and usage.


Customization Choices

We can provide you with tailored part service and package to make your product stand out, showcasing a unique product style. 

Environmentally Friendly Material

PC+ABS material combines strength and durability while also possessing environmentally friendly characteristics, aligning with modern society’s demands for sustainability.

Production Process

We have many years of experience in mold fabrication, injection molding, electroplating, and post processing & assembly. Using cutting-edge production equipment can ensure efficient and stable production, while professional mold & electroplating manufacturing equipment guarantees product precision and elegant surface respectively.

Quality Control

We strictly abide by the required quality certification standards such as ISO 9001& ISO 14001, meticulously controlling every step from raw material procurement to associated production, and finally inspection, to make sure that the desired component meets the highest standards.

ABS Bright Chrome Plated
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